Mai 2016
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The slave chains trapped

Almost would be the noise was so loud that I would by the clanking and creaking not heard when the door was opened and Samantha sat up, as far as their chains would allow for this, for long, you were not straight and presented her with lust trembling body have openly and without remorse and hoped that the club should send her right “small stuffed animals.” She listened quietly but steady steps, then some heavy footsteps and felt her body is scanned from top to bottom. She was a little used to it, but it’s still a way how someone opened a door for the look, and eyes. Samantha had only thin fabric your dress and your chastity belt including steel, which shimmered in the warm light something with your dress. Suddenly a hand squeezing her breasts together roughly, Samantha was “groped” truthful, they would not be gagged and tied up, she would have screamed out loud, but it was not Samantha, it was a dull and stifled groans. As if that was an invitation, were suddenly everywhere demanding rough hands on her body and there were always more attracted to the nipples, trying to reach your lips, which were fortunately prevented by the metal chastity belt! She clapped her on the head and ass, that was it? One of the four big guys unlatched her neck with the iron in steel welded D-rings of the chain, forcing it to its knees, “down with you, you little whore slave”! A second further away the outer leather mask and the gag, so you got back a little more air under your mask. But instead of breathing freely, already crowded, the first huge cock in her throat and took hold of her roughly. In rapid awkward bumps her head, he rode until he took her, his sperm, the first load in the throat and pumped royal discharged to the same as the next hot guy to make room. Then you should get up, let clamps attached to her nipples and hung heavy weights, weighing more than 500 grams of, before they were put forward at a table who were brought.

They now had to just lay on the table and your legs still shackled were tried with power to spread. The dress pulled up one of the men saw that you had a very safe stainless steel chastity belt between your thighs. “Do not come on, which must be redeemed only by the Small chastity belt before we can all turn”! One of the four turned himself behind her, removed the butt plug in her ass played while another she laid out the gag again and even more brutal aufpumpte than her husband. The fourth round played at the Palace of the chastity belt and tried with a hairpin, the secure lock aufzubekommen, but that does not quite succeed. While they think up suffocating her one after the other was pumping his load in the butt, because there was currently the only input that was still reasonably accessible and that was also used for the initial excited! Continuous efforts were made to the red, sweet lips of the little one to come and everything has been tried. Not the chastity belt was what he promised to chastity! The orgasm that surprised her, made things any easier as well such as anal can be pretty intense, but then you would have to lay still prefer the Analklappe to the chastity belt, including the anal traffic would not have been easy possible! And again lashed a leather mask and did nothing close to their physical control. When they all came in her ass, she rammed her again to plug in the ass and fixed it again with some bands. Samantha was again forced to his knees. The chains on the bracelets and collar rattled like crazy and produced strange clacking noises. They took four before setting behind her up and jerked frantically their tails until they splashed all over her body, for the Vaginal pleasures were all implies denying.

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